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Opel GT Concept: is that the new sports car?

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Opel GT Concept at the Geneva Motor Show
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H Opel had little by little -Boss Karl-Thomas Neumann announced the study, not without a certain pride: 'Opel will reinvent itself and present its new highlight at the Geneva Motor Show. A study that you sometimes would not have expected from us.'

What to expect: Opel digs deep into the past and of course pulls the legendary Opel GT out of the box. In addition, a little concept car history with the Experimental GT from '65 and a pinch of two-wheelers in the form of the Motoclub 500 from 1928 - after all, the red front tires of the Opel GT Concept have to be explained - the ingredients for a detailed concept car whirlwind are ready.

The Opel Experimental GT study anticipated the Opel GT.

Opel GT Concept without retro fuss

What was not to be expected: The first pictures of the study strike like a brand-lightning bolt. Opel actually managed to build a sports car study that makes you want more, without a hint of retro fuss. A consequent further development of the already widely acclaimed Opel Monza study with many new details and technologies.

The look: A deeply drawn front with narrow headlights sets nasty accents, the fenders are powerful exhibited, the bonnet contoured, the overhangs short. Without mirrors, door openers and spoiler stuff, the Opel GT Concept looks like a piece - the side windows covered with one-sided transparent film and the seamless transition from window to body also contribute to this. The passenger cell has been moved far back. Strong beads and a red body strip dominate the side view. Just like the huge rims 'im cheekyRoller-Skates-Design ', so Opel. Well. The rear is crisp, impresses with the wide fenders and an apron with the central double exhaust pipes. The narrow design of the headlights can also be found in the rear lights. Especially in the rear view The narrow, rounded pulpit is inhabited by the driver and front passenger. The length is based on the current Corsa, which measures 4,021 mm 'text'>

  • The Opel GT Concept is powered by a 145 hp one-liter turbo three-cylinder, which is already known from Adam and Co. and has been further developed -Middle engine 205 Nm available. The engine power flows via a sequential six-speed gearbox to the rear axle with a mechanical differential lock. The engine should accelerate the Opel GT Concept, which weighs less than 1,000 kg, to 100 km /h in eight seconds and enable V-max 215 km /h .
  • The headlights are equipped with the next stage of development Intelli-Lux LED matrix light.
  • The electric doors can be opened using a button in the red body strip. In order to achieve a larger opening angle, the doors dip a little into the front wheel arches.
  • The interior:

    • The driver and front passenger sit on contoured sports seats, and a rising, perforated center console separates the two occupants. The driver grabs a U-shaped three-spoke steering wheel that is closed at the top and can sort the gears using paddle shifters. Two round instruments - which are actually two projection surfaces - on the dashboard made of brushed aluminum inform him about the driving status. The steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted electrically.
    • Thanks to two cameras in the wheel arches, the external reality is projected virtually inwards on two displays to the left and right of the cockpit.
    • Large panoramic roof floods the interior with light.
    • Operation takes place without buttons, exclusively via a touchpad and voice control.
    • Artificial intelligence: self-learning system recognizes the driver's preferences. For example, the system makes suggestions for routing, air conditioning or music.
    +++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

    The seat sample:

    Inside, the similarity between the Concept GT and the original GT is actually at first glance most amazing. But this is not due to the deeply cupped steering wheel or the round instruments. The new dashboard is a large projection surface on which functions can be displayed and individually sorted. Operation works by voice input or touchpad. In addition, Opel promises, the electronics learn the preferences andSensing the driver's moods and playing - the technicians proactively say we would rather call it unsolicited - play mood-compatible music, calculate routes or estimate the air conditioning needs.

    Much more impressive, however, is the sense of space in the small coupé. From the outside it looks as if it doesn't have any side windows, but inside it shows that the window line is drawn down deep. The trick here comes from these bus stickers, where the passengers can get out, but nobody can look in through the advertising stickers from outside. An effect that can be achieved with many small, cleverly structured points. The GT looks even lighter on the inside than the original model, which of course is also due to the large panoramic window that extends over the entire car roof.

    Axel Wierdemann
    The feeling of space in the Opel GT Concept is impressive, says Sebastian Renz.

    Special door mechanism allowed easy boarding

    If the GT were to go into series production, it would push - with the rear wheels first. Although there is currently no suitable GM rear-wheel drive platform, which is the bigger obstacle to series production than little things such as missing wipers, rigid side windows or the lack of exterior mirrors.

    So Opel is only holding out the prospect of the GT drove the rear wheels with the 145 hp one-liter, three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine via a sequential six-speed box. The GT is currently doing a few laps with an electric drive. The light flickers over the bonnet, which has a central fold like the Manta A once did and on the sides gauging edges like the original GT.

    We want to pay tribute to the doors, the leaves of which stretch up to the wheel arch and whose hinges are on the A-pillar. Because of the retracted sill, even those who drove an original GT at a young age can easily get in. Yes, it should be nice with a new GT. Did Opel say something about production opportunities? That would be even better!

    Sebastian Renz

    ++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++

    The rear-wheel drive platform is missing for the Opel GT

    DieFuture: With the Opel GT Concept, the Rüsselheim-based company show what an Opel GT for 2018/2019 could look like. However, question marks remain in the implementation. A rear-wheel drive platform is currently not available at Opel, and the corresponding GM platforms are too large. Whether the technical and financial effort for an in-house development is worthwhile exclusively for the Opel GT remains to be seen in view of Opel's slight market successes. A partnership with another car manufacturer might be an option, as Fiat has implemented with Mazda and the MX-5 platform. A platform that would also be suitable for the Opel.

    After all, the study offers a realistic outlook on the new upcoming Opel design and already carries a concrete one with the new generation of Intelli-Lux light Further development that will be used in the next Opel models (e.g. Opel Insignia II ) will be used. The exterior camera mirrors should also be more than just a finger exercise.

    Between 2007 and 2009, the Opel GT was part of the program as a roadster.

    The past : The last attempt to establish an Opel GT again was made by the Rüsselsheim company in 2007 with a slightly modified Saturn Sky /Pontiac Solstice. Two-liter turbo four-cylinder with 264 hp provided propulsion here. The engine was in the front, the rear wheels were driven. The GT, designed as a roadster, only remained in the program until 2009. After around 7,500 vehicles had been built, it was already over.


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