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Opel Grandland X 2.0 Diesel: compact SUV with 177 hp

Opel Grandland X with diesel and automatic
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With a new, powerful diesel and the top equipment line Ultimate, O pel the Grandland X to the top. The latest news about the compact SUV from Rüsselsheim and Sochaux won't be the last either, but more on that later. First of all, we drive the latest version, which is available from dealers from 37,230 euros.

Get in, that's the main reason for buying an SUV, they say. It is actually easy to get on and the view is good - except at an angle to the rear. But we noticed this already during the seat test and the first driving report.

Grandland X becomes a sovereign SUV that can be moved with agility. However, it never gets sporty, the steering is too cold-hearted and poor in feedback. The chassis, too, always stays on the comfortable side, cushions rough bumps and swings out bumps without hitting the stomach. Only brief suggestions stumble over the 19-inch wheels a little. Noises from the whole spring system and damping do not penetrate inside.

New equipment Ultimate X

The 19-inch wheels are included in the new Ultimate top equipment. With adaptive LED headlights and a navigation system, the standard equipment also includes two extras that 65 percent of customers have already ordered. In general, the share of the previous top line innovation is remarkably high at 75 percent, which is why a more extensively equipped version is now being added, explains Opel.

The latest news about the Grandland X won't be the last: In summer, a new diesel will replace the previous 1.6-liter: The new four-cylinder with 1.5-liter displacement will be available with 110 and 130 hp. In the autumn there will also be a top petrol engine: the 1.6-liter has 180 hp and an eight-speed automatic as standard. A plug-in hybrid with electric all-wheel drive has been announced for 2019 - it is one of four electrified models that Opel would like to have in its range in 2020.


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