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Opel Corsa, Meriva, Mokka: is the little one big?

Achim Hartmann
Opel Corsa, Meriva, Mokka
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D his career is a steep one: Vom Spartan and initially only two-door city flea, the Corsa has worked its way up to a universalist suitable for first cars over the past 33 years. And so consistently that Opel buyers can now ponder exactly what the advantages of the Mini-Van Meriva or the high-seat athlete Mokka should actually be.

Opel Corsa: the full-fledged

The Opel Corsa, which has grown to more than four meters, can accommodate even tall passengers in the front and rear and has a trunk that, with its 285 liters volume, is comparable to previous compact models. A removable intermediate floor also ensures that when the rear seat is folded down, no step makes it difficult to load bulky items of luggage. And where the interior of the original model still exuded the charm of a socialist prefabricated housing estate, the fifth generation of the Corsa inspires with loving instrumentation, pretty fabrics in the door panels and comfortable seats that don't make even long journeys an ordeal.

However, the Corsa is no longer a cheap home. With the tested 150-hp engine and four doors, at least 18,130 euros are due - also because Opel only offers the more powerful version of the two 1.4-liter turbos from the Color Edition version, which also includes practical features such as cruise control, but otherwise shows off with a lot of trim, such as the 17-inch alloy wheels or an exhaust pipe in chrome. For this, the small turbo goes all out, revs up lively and satisfies sporty ambitions with its 220 Nm torque. The sterile feedback, but pleasantly smooth steering also makes the Corsa very handy in winding inner cities. The sympathetic Corsa is therefore immediately forgiven for the fact that it rolls rather tightly and that shorter bumps are clearly noticeable.

Opel Meriva: the one with the Door trick

Although only ten PS weaker, the 1.4-liter turbo has more trouble with the heavier Meriva and only arouses something like temperament in the upper speed range. Those who expect significantly more space from the almost 30 centimeter longer van will also only partially find what they are looking for: The Meriva swallows 115 liters more luggage than the Corsa, but passengers are hardly more airy at the front or rear. Also the idea with the counter-openingRear doors have fewer advantages in everyday life than expected, since - unlike the BMW i3 with its rear-hinged doors - the B-pillar still hampers access.

So a real plus point with the Meriva remains next to the higher seating position mainly the variable interior fittings made up of sliding and individually foldable individual seats. For example, if you only fold down the middle seat, you can enjoy winter sports-ready loading with four full-size seats. If you don't need that, you can save the approximately 2,400 euros extra price for the Meriva compared to the Corsa, which, adjusted for equipment, even adds up to almost 4,000 euros. The Meriva is not helped by its favorable insurance rating, which lowers maintenance costs to Corsa level.

Opel Mokka: The Adventurer

Under rational criteria, the mocha is also out of the running, the edition costs 24,535 euros. This is around 6,400 euros more than the Corsa, consumes just under a liter more and comes with around ten percent higher fixed costs. Although the small SUV also swallows a little more luggage, it hardly accommodates passengers more generously, and you won't find any additional shelves or clever folding ideas. In order to be able to use the entire load space, you first have to set up the seat according to the old custom before the backrest lays flat.

What does not change the pleasant character of the taut but lively Mocha: It towers over the Corsa by 18 centimeters and with its high seating position, plastic paneling and four powered wheels (which are available on the Mokka for the 1.6 CDTi and 1.4 Turbo), it promotes the priceless feeling of adventure - even if the end of the world usually coincides with the next supermarket parking lot.

Utility optimizers therefore remain with the Corsa, but are limited to the sufficiently lively 100 PS turbo, which as an edition for 16,040 euros still leaves enough budget for real everyday escapes.


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