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Opel Corsa future: 2014 is the end of good behavior

Christian Schulte
Opel Corsa future
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N The small Opel Corsa is the most voluminous model of the compact Astra the Opel range. And since the brand wants to get back into profitability as quickly as possible, special attention is paid to the development of the next Corsa.

The new one, whose production will begin in April 2014 according to internal plans, should be sell more than 400,000 times a year in Europe alone. Most recently, he was lagging behind VW Polo (426,000) and Ford Fiesta (375,000) in sales with 330,000 units and was already feeling the hot breath of the Renault Clio (310,000) on his neck. Its new edition will be at the Paris Motor Show in September, and market observers from IHS are assuming that the new Clio will surpass the Opel Corsa in 2013.

The new Opel Corsa should strike back in 2014

But in 2014 Opel wants to fight back and is putting together an attractive package for this. The basis is a new architecture, on which other small cars from the Opel parent company General Motors will be based in the future. The so-called gamma platform with the internal abbreviation GM S4500 is variable in length and width and makes the next Opel Corsa around 50 kilograms lighter. In addition, there are smaller, lighter three-cylinder engines, so that the curb weight of a basic Corsa will only be a good 1,000 kg in the future.

For cost reasons, the Opel developers for the Opel Corsa continue to dispense with an elaborate multi-link rear axle and refine the proven twist beam construction with a Watt linkage like in the Astra. This space-saving solution enables the use of the Flex-Fix integrated bicycle rack system developed by Opel in the future.

While the dimensions - the new Opel Corsa will be a good four meters long - remain roughly the same, its shell changes significantly . Opel presented the modern front with the deep air inlet optically separated from the grill for the first time on the Astra GTC. As part of the facelift this year, the other Astra models will also get the new face. The biggest change can be seen at the rear, which is much crisper and, with the coupé-like roofline, gives the two-door model a much more dynamic appearance. Limited visibility to the rear should be compensated for by a parking aid.

New engine family should be ready in 2013

During Opel usually gets good grades for its chassis,the engines are no longer up to date. Head of Development Rita Forst and her team are therefore working intensively on a new engine family that will be ready for series production from 2013. The four-cylinder petrol engines in various cubic capacities have direct injection and turbocharging. The lower end of the pallet marks a charged one-liter three-cylinder. The diesels are also being worked on intensively. A new basic engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters is to set new standards in terms of noise and fuel consumption. All engines are also equipped with a start-stop system as standard.

Opel Corsa with assistance systems from Insignia and Astra

Optionally, some of the ones known from Insignia and Astra are also available as an option Give driver assistance systems for the Opel Corsa. As in the new, small off-roader Mokka, in addition to bi-xenon headlights with high-beam assistant, functions such as lane departure warning, collision warning and traffic sign recognition are on the surcharge list. In addition, there is an inexpensive infotainment system that enables an easy-to-use connection between MP3 player, smartphone and the car.

To ensure that the high investment costs pay off, Opel is intensifying its cooperation with GM's sister company Chevrolet. In the future, both brands will share more parts, engines and platforms, as the brands of the Volkswagen Group have been successfully doing for many years. After all, Opel doesn't just want to build great cars, it also wants to earn money again.

Opel's small car strategy

Small, cheap, high quality: Opel will be competing below the Astra with three different models in the future. The cooperation with Suzuki ends in 2013.

Opel will renew its small car program by 2014. It starts at the end of 2012 with the VW Up opponent Junior, around a year later the new Agila will roll out to dealers. Both models are still based on the current shortened Corsa platform, which is also used in a similar form in the Chevrolet Spark. This means that Opel ends its cooperation with Suzuki. So far, the Japanese manufacturer, in which VW now has a 20 percent stake, has produced the Agila together with its Splash model. Opel finally introduced a completely new small car architecture with the next generation of the Corsa in 2014.


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