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Opel Corsa D and Opel Movano: double recall for Opel models

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Opel Corsa D and Opel Movano
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During the approximately two-hour workshop visit, the toothed segment and the base plate of the servomotor of the mixed air flap at the O pel Corsa replaced. The campaign started in the 35th calendar week of 2009. Repair shops without a contract or car buyers can see from a green colored dot on the left-hand side of the brake pedal lever that the vehicle has been repaired.

Opel Movano recall: seat bracket can break

As part of an official recall campaign via the Federal Motor Transport Authority, Opel calls took the Movano to the workshop because of a problem with the right front seat. In Germany, 329 models with a single front right seat are affected by the recall. With this seat, the welds of the rear front seat bracket cannot meet the specifications, according to Opel. In the event of an accident, there is a risk that the seat could come loose from the underbody and move forward.

In the workshop - the stay lasts an hour - additional welding points are made on the rear bracket. The recall began as early as the 49th calendar week of 2009. The tested and repaired vehicles can be recognized by a yellow dot on the outside of the rear right bracket of the seat pedestal.


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