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Opel: Bochum plant prepares Zafira production

Achim Hartmann
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I n the summer factory vacation, which has been extended to four weeks, the extensive renovation for The production line of the compact van will take place.

Transmission production will remain in Bochum for the time being

The works council is also hoping for a share in the new Opel Astra Caravan and the construction of the Ampera electric car. The requirements for the Opel Ampera are good in Bochum. Transmission production is to stay in Bochum longer than planned. Originally, production was to be relocated to Austria in April. 'In the negotiations we managed to keep production in Bochum until summer 2010,' said Einenkel. Works councils, trade unions and management are expected to start negotiating the future of the Opel works from next week.

The supervisory board will meet first on Friday, said Einenkel. According to the previous plans, 1,800 to 2,000 of the 5,900 jobs in Bochum are at risk. According to the works council, the 5,900 jobs include 1,000 outsourced jobs. These employees would still have the right to return to Opel for years. Last year there were a total of 140,000 Zafira cars in Bochum , Astra Caravan and Astra five-door was produced.


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