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Opel at the Detroit Motor Show: Reilly wants to present concept at the end of January

Opel at the Detroit Motor Show
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He hopes that the negotiations with the employees will be concluded by then, said Reilly on Tuesday (12.01) to journalists in D etroit .

So far no big decision has been made

So far, details have mainly been discussed, such as decisions about the employee equity participation required by the works council or the Conversion of Adam Opel GmbH into a stock corporation are still not been hit. With the finished concept, GM will ask the governments of the Opel countries for financial support for the renovation. GM has put the need at 3.3 billion euros, around 2.7 the governments should raise. The automaker expects employees to lose their wages by 265 million euros a year.

Opel will not be able to maintain sales from 2009

Reilly sees 2010 difficult times. 'It will be difficult for us to reach the volume of 2009 again. I expect a drop in sales between zero and five percent,' said the GM European boss. Possibly because of the new Astra , of the Insignia and the new Meriva , which comes to the car dealerships in the course of the year , also do a little better. So far, Opel has been active almost exclusively in Western Europe and therefore cannot benefit from the growth expected in China, India or the USA in 2010. In the future, Opel should gradually open up other markets, promised Reilly. Opel and Vauxhall sold around 1.2 million cars last year after 1.4 million in the previous year. 'We lost money in Europe in 2009,' said Reilly. But he is confident that Opel will be profitable again in 2011.


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