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Opel Astra advertising campaign: Umparker becomes a high-flyer

Opel (screenshot)
Opel Astra advertising campaign 'Quantum Leap'
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S the quantum leap celebrated a premiere Video already on YouTube and on TV. 'The new Astra is a big leap for our brand - and we show that with the kick-off video in a humorous and sporty way,' explains Opel Head of Marketing Tina Müller. Accordingly, the new Opel Astra can present itself lifted.

Opel Astra with 15 meters flight

The stunt leads the Astra over a jump ramp at around 80 km /h. After a 15 meter flight, the Rüsselsheimer lands safely again. The stunt was driven and flown by an experienced Cobra 11 stunt team driver. For its show performance, the Astra was reinforced and fitted with a roll cage. The additional weight of the safety equipment was compensated for by the expansion of the rear seat system.

And what remains in the end as a winking message: 'Opel faahn eat like when you flee' - still today.

Its official The new Opel Astra on September 15th at the IAA. You can already read how the new compact drives here . The Prices for the Astra start from 17,260 euros. And also the new We have already checked the multimedia technology in the Opel Astra .

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