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Opel as victim of the economic crisis: Opel sees state aid approaching

Opel as a victim of the economic crisis
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' Opel was hit by the crisis at an inopportune time. Without the crisis, Opel would not have endangered its existence, 'said the Briton. This was exactly what was controversial for a long time in the talks with the federal government. This question depends, among other things, on whether state aid may flow.

State aid not yet decided

An Opel spokesman said on Wednesday: 'Pro forma figures have shown that the Opel brand was profitable before the crisis. ' It has not yet been decided whether money will flow as well. That lies in the hands of politics or the guarantee committee.

The subsidiary of the US auto company General Motors (GM) is seeking government aid totaling 1.8 billion euros for its restructuring, of which 1.3 billion euros alone Germany. GM itself wants to put 1.9 billion euros into the Opel rescue - partly as equity, partly in the form of loans.

There are still unanswered questions in negotiations with politicians

In the ' Zeit 'defended Reilly that GM is not completely managing the Opel renovation itself:' Opel is also a European and a German company with tens of thousands of jobs across Europe. It should be possible to seek state aid in Europe in a difficult situation to take. '

In the negotiations with German politicians, two questions were still open, the Opel boss explained:' We have to find a lead bank for the loan in Germany and clarify the order in which loans are later repaid will.' The automaker also wants to make up ground with new models, such as a small car. According to Reilly, an Opel Mini should be on the market in about two to three years.


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