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Opel and BMW start production: Opel and BMW end production stop

Opel and BMW start production
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D he production was restarted for the late shift on Friday (April 23rd), said an Opel spokesman. Previously, the production lines had been idle since the morning shift on Thursday due to missing electrical parts.

Vulkan shut down Opel production

The material from Mexico did not arrive on time, because the ash cloud over Europe had stopped air traffic for days and thus caused delivery bottlenecks. According to the information, around 1,200 Opel Insignia could not be built because of the production stop. Other manufacturers such as Daimler and BMW had also suffered from the flight bans that were lifted in the meantime and stopped their production lines.

The other Opel locations in Bochum, Eisenach and Kaiserslautern were not affected by the delivery bottlenecks. The production downtime should be made up for as soon as possible in extra shifts.

Production has also started again at BMW

After a three-day forced break due to the volcanic ash cloud, BMW is also running the tapes again since Friday. Production started as planned with the early shift, said a company spokesman in Munich. The Europe-wide flight bans due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland had slowed down the delivery of electronic components so that the car manufacturer had to stop production on Tuesday for the late shift, first in Dingolfing, and later in Munich and Regensburg. In total, BMW had to postpone the completion of around 7,000 vehicles. The company now wants to catch up as quickly as possible.


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