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Opel Agila with gas drive: The Opal Agila gets LPG option

Opel Agila with gas drive
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Z u this price the customer gets the Opel Agila 1.0 LPG Ecoflex with 65 hp. The second variant is the Opel Agila 1.2 LPG Ecoflex with 86 PS. Opel charges this at at least 16,360 euros.

The gas operation reduces CO2 emissions

As with the other Opel LPG models is the additional LPG tank with a volume of 38 liters are also housed in the spare wheel well in the Agila, so that no compromises have to be made in terms of storage space and load volume. A tire repair kit is on board to replace the spare wheel that is no longer needed. In order to meet the special requirements for LPG operation, the two units were equipped with special valves and valve seat inserts, among other things.

In LPG operation, the CO2 emissions of the 1.0 liter variant are reduced to 108 g /km , with the 1.2 liter engine it is 119 g /km. The additional tank enables the Agila 1.0 LPG Ecoflex a range of around 580 kilometers (1.2 liters: 475 kilometers). Combined with the range of the petrol tank, this enables a distance of around 1,480 kilometers (Agila 1.2-liter: 1,290 kilometers) without refueling.


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