Old rims on new cars

Old rims on new cars
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Fuchs rim for 911 GT3

O kay Porsche had interpreted the classic rim, forged by Otto Fuchs, in a modern way for the Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition - and is still offering the 15 and 16 inch parts through Porsche Classic. But how would the original rims look like on a Porsche 911 GT3 RS? We asked our computer draftsman - and he made it possible.

Tobias Büttner
Lamborghini Aventador with Miura rims.

BMW M1 rims for BMW i8

And he also projected other classic rims onto modern cars. It goes without saying that the not always undisputed telephone rim from the Zuffenhausen-based company should not be missing on a Porsche Panamera. Just like the aerodynamic rims of the BMW M1 on an i8 or the chrome-plated hubcaps of the VW Beetle on a current Beetle. Speaking of VW - of course, the Pirelli rim of the Golf GTI I shouldn't be missing either. We have them in one place ... look for yourself ...

We have all pairings for you in our photo show. If you have any suggestions as to which classic rim fits which modern car, write to us using the comment field.

By the way: As you can see Audis without single-frame grill ? Or BMW -Models without kidney . We have already visualized that as well.


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