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Old models continued: We call it a classic

Lindhoff, Seufert
Old models continued
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D he Czech VW subsidiary Skoda has shown the way and that old Octavia offered in parallel to its successor. As Octavia Tour, the station wagon, which was introduced in 1996, was in the model range until mid-2010 and sold well.

Other manufacturers followed Skoda's example and also kept older model versions in their portfolio despite successors. At Fiat, the old Panda continues. The small car is expected to roll off the production lines in the Tychy plant in Poland until at least the end of 2012. The starting price of 6,990 euros and the option to purchase a Panda with all-wheel drive speak for the old Panda. The successor still owes this option.

Opel is two-pronged with the Zafira. The old model mutates into a family and always has seven seats. The base price for Zafira old and new is identical at 22,950 euros. Only until the end of 2012 will Peugeot have the Peugeot 206 + in its range, which was offered in parallel with the 207. The latter has already been replaced by the new 208. The French are thinking about letting the 207 continue to run, but it is unlikely to be cheap enough to produce to be attractive alongside the smaller 208.

It looks similar with Renault. With the Clio Campus you still have the penultimate generation of the small car at the start. The new Clio will roll out in November. How long the old man will last is uncertain. It will probably end here too at the end of 2012. The Clio III then slips into the campus role? We will see. Renault did not want to comment on this yet.


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