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Offroad Challenge 2012: Apply, ride, win

Offroad-Challenge 2012
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N one, we're not looking for the dirty dozen, but the best three in the dirt. The Offroad Challenge 2012 is touring Germany and is looking for virtuosos at the steering wheel who can climb grim inclines with great driving experience and a good eye for the terrain or master water crossings with dry feet.

For the third time, is looking for auto motor und sport in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz 'Germany's best off-road driver'. Anyone who dares to take part in this entertaining adventure over hill and dale can take part. Self-proclaimed off-road professionals meet novices in the rough terrain, very young rookies challenge old hands on the terrain. The past events have shown that many a skilled newcomer can even make the supposed professional look old.

With the Mercedes M-Classes, GLK or G-Classes provided, three preliminary rounds are all about the coveted entry to the final. 20 off-road freaks will be drawn for each of the semifinals across Germany, where experienced instructors explain how to optimally deal with the rough terrain and explain the sophisticated technology of modern SUVs.

The three best of the day After a successful theoretical and practical test of the individual preliminary rounds, you can get your ticket for the finals at the end of October, during which you have the opportunity to experience and experience the brand new Mercedes GL live before the official market launch.

Fame and honor await the winner of the Offroad Challenge 2012 as well as participation in an exclusive Mercedes-Benz driving event.

The application period is unfortunately over.


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