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Offroad Challenge 2010: With Mercedes G, ML & amp; Climb Co Texas

Offroad-Challenge 2010
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Two preliminary rounds have already taken place. In Zossen and in the Eifel, six of the nine finalists were chosen who each used their off-road driving skills to buy a ticket to the Continental test site in Uvalde /Texas. This is where auto motor und sport will take part in the final of the offroad challenge in autumn in collaboration with M ercedes and Continental for the title of best off-road driver in Germany.

Dakar driver Ellen Lohr gives driving tips

Mercedes all-wheel drive vehicles will be available as emergency vehicles during the entire Offroad Challenge. In addition to the off-road veteran, the Mercedes G-Class, the participants can climb inclines and drive through water with Mercedes GL, GLK as well as the M-Class. During the preliminary rounds of the Offroad Challenge 2010, the participants were supported by an expert instructor with advice and practical help: Ellen Lohr, who had participated several times in Paris-Dakar. The last three finalists will buy their Texas ticket at the third preliminary round in Langenaltheim on September 4th. In autumn, the nine best in Uvalde will fight for the overall victory in the Mercedes all-wheel drive models


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