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Off-road trucks at the IAA 2016: Very rough equipment

Torsten Seibt
Off-road trucks at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2016
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Z Weiradantrieb has always been a compromise, commercial vehicles are no exception. If you really want to get ahead, even if all roads end, you better get a vehicle with additional traction. Even if the construction vehicles predestined for this purpose were rather in the minority at the Commercial Vehicle IAA 2016 in Hanover, we made a lot of booty in the search for coarse equipment.

Small as well as large: Several manufacturers used them IAA to put their new pickups in the spotlight, other suppliers had the right accessories ready. Renault celebrated the European premiere of the Alaskan pickup, which was initially only intended for South America, at great expense and with numerous exhibits. The appearance in Hanover showed that this is likely to change soon.

Commercial vehicle IAA 2016: Offroader

A similar scanning of the market reaction could also be seen at Fiat-Chrysler. For the first time, the RAM trucks division presented the RAM 1500 at a Northern European trade fair. So far, the import business in Germany has been handled by a Canadian group. Whether the fat US pickups will be marketed independently in the future, the public reaction at the IAA should provide information.

Much more powerful than even a full-size RAM Pickup, of course, presented the large machines with a total weight of up to 50 tons. In addition to the classic all-wheel drive construction vehicles, there were also a number of exotic vehicles to be admired. For example, the Bavarian specialist supplier Paul Nutzfahrzeuge came to the fair with three spectacularly converted off-road trucks, while the manufacturers themselves put their latest traction animals in the spotlight. And it was also sporty: Here was a Dakar rally truck, there an extreme climber from the European Truck Trial.

In the picture gallery we show you an overview of the off-road experts from the Commercial Vehicle IAA 2016 in Hanover.


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