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Off-road tires: All off-road tires in Germany

Tires for off-road use
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Ever seen a J eep on slicks? If so, then at most because he had recently ground his rubber teeth on some boulder down to the roots. Of course only on specially prepared test slopes - after all, we want to be able to bite hard again tomorrow with new tires ... But which ones should we take? The answer depends first of all on your personal home route.

If you burn a lot of fuel on-road and don't dream of the Rubicon Trail off-road, you should use all-terrain rubbers as much as possible. They offer plenty of grip and comfort for a brisk tour on the autobahn into the countryside. And even there, there is still a lot going on. However, anyone who trudges through the pampas in trekking boots even in the hottest summer will surely like to roughly soled their 4Wheeler - a domain of mud terrain tires. Especially with these, the offer is changing. Brands like Mastercraft are pulling away. Other manufacturers are removing individual profiles from their range or have to modify them due to new approval regulations. Don't worry, we'll be able to dig with them too.

Quieter in the future

Rumbling, booming, whistling - especially the coarse off-road tires emit clear rolling noises. Such an acoustic business card is okay - as long as it doesn't get too loud. What is allowed is in ECE regulation 117. But don't worry, nobody has to study this paper before buying a tire.

In the future, all tires will be marked with an S for sound (see photo on the right) on the sidewall if they comply with the relevant limit values. If not, they may no longer be sold or put on the market, depending on the dates. So say the law. The following applies in detail: Car tires with a cross-section width of up to 185 millimeters must be S-marked from October 1, 2009, the same applies to Light Truck (LT) tires with a load index up to 121 and a speed index higher or equal to N (140 km /H). One year later, this regulation also applies to car tires with a width greater than 185 up to and including 215 millimeters; from October 1, 2011, even wider rubbers will also be affected. For this reason, one or the other M /T tire will no longer be available or the manufacturers will train him to be whisperers. If you still have tires without an S license plate, you can still use them.

You can find all of them in Germany in the photo showavailable all-terrain and mud-terrain tires. The addresses of the tire manufacturers can be found on page 2.


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