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Oettinger-Audi TT RS-R in the track test: The GT3 RS fright from the tuner

Rossen Gargolov
Oettinger-Audi TT RS-R in the track test
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W if an Audi TT RS is on the racetrack is suddenly as fast as a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a lot must have happened. Tuner Oettinger achieved this feat at the Tuner Grand Prix 2012 as part of the sport auto-High Performance Days. Reason enough to invite the Oettinger-Audi TT RS-R to Hockenheim again.

Review: In a record time of only four weeks, the tuning team from Friedrichsdorf transformed the Audi coupé for the traditional sport auto -time trial in a racetrack weapon. Before the brand-new Audi TT RS was completely dismantled for assembly, the five-cylinder engine had to be retracted. An Oettinger technician then covered 3,000 kilometers in just 24 hours.

Class win for the Oettinger-Audi TT RS-R

'Our team has been working several night shifts - the car has just been turned finished in time for the Tuner Grand Prix ”, Oettinger man Rüdiger Völkner remembers the conversion marathon. The hard work was rewarded. The Oettinger-Audi TT RS-R stormed to class victory in Group A in the Coupé /Turbo category and also took second podium in the final race.

Slimmed down and sharpened

And what are the ingredients for fast Audi TT RS laps? First, Oettinger clears out the entire interior. The passenger seat, the back seat and unnecessary trim parts have to give way for weight reasons. The Audi and VW specialists swap the driver's seat for a Recaro Pole Position bucket seat with four-point belts (1,185 euros including assembly). The diet works. Instead of 1,480 kilos, the Audi TT RS with a manual six-speed gearbox weighs only 1,265 kilos.

“On the engine side, we have installed a larger turbocharger, a charge air cooler that is twice as large and a sports exhaust system. Of course we have also optimized the engine management, ”explains Robert Sander, who is responsible for engine development at Oettinger. From now on, the Audi TT RS storms with 470 hp instead of 340.

The snappy sintered metal clutch makes it immediately clear that the Oettinger-Audi TT RS-R does not prefer ice cream parlor shows, but rather visits to the racetrack. From 3,000 rpm, the engine is much more energetic than the series engine. The acceleration values ​​mentioned by Oettinger of just under four seconds from zero to 100 km /hseem quite believable. A loud five-cylinder fanfare echoes through the empty Motodrom as if a horde of Urquattro had fled the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt.

Thanks to a Drexler differential lock and 265 Dunlop Direzza semislicks, the Oettinger Audi TT RS with better traction and a high level of grip in the Hockenheimer asphalt. The slight understeer of the production model under load could not be fully pulled from the RS-R, but for the most part. A KW 3way club sport chassis with an axle geometry that is suspicious of motorsport has a large share in the successful balance.

lap time at Porsche GT3 level

The Oettinger team refines the classic Audi TT RS traits with the utmost perfection. The tuning model also reacts very good-naturedly at the limit and burns a lap time of 1.09.6 minutes into the asphalt in the track test, which is also the Porsche 997 GT3 RS 3.8 drove in the Supertest on the small course in Hockenheim.

Increase at the Tuner Grand Prix 2013

'We are back at the 2013 Tuner Grand Prix. The car gets a wider track. We want to get even faster, ”says Rüdiger Völkner, looking ahead. Do you want to admire the Porsche shock in action? Then make a note of May 25 and 26, 2013. Because then the starting shot for the Tuner Grand Prix 2013 will be given.


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