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Odometer manipulation: Manufacturers have no interest in protection

Odometer manipulation
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After research by a uto motor und sport in the IT industry, the chips that could be used to prevent the overwriting of speedometer data have long been developed. Manufacturers are already using these HSM memories to protect themselves against chip tuning. These modules are designed in such a way that data that has once been stored on them cannot be overwritten. This enables the manufacturers to track every change in chip tuners.

Protection possible for an extra euro

This Technology is also suitable for preventing tachometer manipulation. An IT manager auto motor und sport revealed that the programming effort for the chips for this additional function was low. The insider estimates the additional costs per vehicle at one euro. 'The manufacturers are simply not interested in more transparency,' criticized Arnulf Thiemel, ADAC expert for odometer manipulation, to auto motor und sport . 'Not even when it comes to vehicles from their own leasing contracts . “

Without this protective function in the chips, even experts would hardly have a chance of detecting the manipulations that are now widespread, according to the testing organization KÜS. 'If the speedometer fraud has been carried out professionally, we hardly stand a chance. We simply lack the technical possibilities for this,' says Thomas Schuster, test engineer at KÜS.

How urgent protection is from the car manufacturer show random samples from auto motor und sport . With manipulation devices available on the Internet, it takes less than a minute to reset the odometer reading. This means that significantly higher prices can be achieved when selling. Depending on the manipulation, it is possible to double the sales price .


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