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Oddities on the Nordschleife: Mainly street legal

Oddities on the Nordschleife
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F rank Habitz is actually a specialist in drywall construction. At least that's what it says on his white Opel Vivaro when it passes the right-hand bend 'Brünnchen' on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife with screeching tires. A pickup truck on a racetrack? That may sound strange, but it is his right.

You can only get to the Nürburgring with road approval

His Opel has road approval - an essential criterion for free tourist trips on the 20th 83 km long racetrack. But that also means that every vehicle with a license can enter the ring. It just has to be at least 60 km /h. And this clear regulation often leads to the spectators seeing bizarre vehicles on the Nordschleife.

There would of course be Frank Habitz with his Vivaro or the yellow DHL van, the driver of whom would be keen to ' Green Hell 'got. Even omnibuses occasionally take a lap around the ring, packed with tourists who do not want to or cannot drive themselves.

The operator of the race track (country road in the case of tourist drives) takes precautionary measures for these particularly slow vehicles: sends a safety car onto the route, flashing behind the slow ring tourist, warning the following, mostly much faster, participants.

A helicopter flies the route to

You don't care about all slow or fast vehicles, because it hovers over everyone: the helicopter. But he doesn't cross the race track built in 1927 somewhere like the TV helicopters, always looking for the best pictures, but he flies the route like Frank Habitz would drive it in his Opel Vivaro - only a few meters above him .

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