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Obituary for Jochen Berger: Jochen Berger died

Obituary for Jochen Berger
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W hen someone as he says it has the weight: 'Jochen Berger was the perfect co-driver,' explains Walter Röhrl. 'He was my first professional co-driver, he shaped me, taught me the prayer book,' says the two-time rally world champion.

1974 on Opel Ascona European Rally Champion

In 1972 the two climbed into an Opel together for the first time studied and had already been to NSU and Ford. In 1973 Röhrl /Berger narrowly missed the title, in 1974 they became European rally champions in an Opel Ascona - there was no World Championship yet. 'There were never any problems, he never stamped himself or anything like that,' Röhrl looks back. In 1976, the two competed together for the last time in the Monte Carlo Rally and put a small cadet behind three Lancia Stratos. Then Berger took over the management of the Opel rally team, where he promoted young talent and created the conditions for Walter Röhrl and Christian Geistdörfer to become 400 rally world champions in an Opel Ascona in 1982.

'He always said that was his greatest sporting success - not winning the European Championship, but leading the other people in the Opel team to success, 'says Berger's wife Gabriele. 'As a team manager he was really unique, there was no other in the world,' says Walter Röhrl: 'Even when we had ten cars, he always had all the details in his head.'

Even later Jochen Berger remained loyal to the brand with the lightning bolt in every respect and discovered his passion for historic races and rallies. Among other things, he won the Histo-Monte, but also drove himself at Le Mans Classic or on the Nordschleife - where by chance he landed in front of his former chauffeur Walter Röhrl and was thievingly happy about it.

Similar to As a team boss, Berger was not too bad for anything in the historical scene and was happy to help with his knowledge - but also did not keep his opinion behind the mountain, a character head. When he wasn't in a car with a starting number, he preferred to spend the time in his apartment in the Eifel town of Mannebach, about ten kilometers from the Nürburgring. There he had developed fun with historic tractors in recent years, made the dirt roads unsafe with a 1956 Lanz - and this passion infected Walter Röhrl, who usually stayed with his old co-driver when he was busy at the ring>
Jochen Berger died on July 26, 2010at the age of 64 after a long and serious illness in Mainz, he is buried in the cemetery in Mannebach. He leaves behind his wife and two children from his first marriage.


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