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Obituary: & # 34; On the move & # 34; hero Manfred Krug is dead

Obituary for 'On the move' hero Manfred Krug
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E r could do what he did wanted. Seduce half of Germany to make pointless investments in the T-Share. Or talk about the Advo card as a decal of a bad insurance agent. It was too late by then, much too late. Manfred Krug had long been anchored in my childhood. Because as trucker Franz Meersdonk he parked his Mercedes 1632 there. Including two-axle trailer. And you won't get such a thing off that quickly.

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Neither does the Volvo F10 of his colleague and friend Günther Willers, played by Rüdiger Kirschstein. Although the truck promptly burned out. Just like in the TV series “On the move”, something dramatic always happened. They didn't do it under a stolen truck, Franz and Günther. Her first boss, Silvia Mittermann (Monica Bleibtreu!), Went along with everything. Because 'you can rely on them', that is, on Franz and Günther, that's what the opening credits say. I also wanted to be a trucker.

Because of him, we wanted to become truckers too

Already from the first episode, in which Günther almost crashed into Franz's trailer during rally training with a Toyota Corolla after one of them was on fire When tires drove off on an Upper Bavarian country road, it was clear: My world. The perfect world for an elementary school student, during whose nine-month development phase someone programmed a rusty nail into the control unit.

But my friends were hooked too, we played truckers in the elementary school yard. With Winora racing bike instead of 1632. It doesn't matter. We switched ourselves a wolf, not even Vin Diesel should have that many gears decades later in his brushed-up fast-and-furious US slingshot.

Franz brought us the wide world to Badisch-Siberia, you could Watching him for minutes, as he rumbled sweating over the autoput, through Greece, Tunisia and South Africa - or wrapped up in an ancient Sisu in Finlandcoaxed well. Here, too, the opening credits didn't promise too much: 'You drive forward freight to all over the world'. If someone is wanted for this task where he is now: You can rely on him. Take care, Manne.

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