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NSU TT in the service station: rear-engine fun with a large community

NSU TT in the service station
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U nter the NSU vehicles of the 60s and 70s Years, the hot TT models are particularly popular. No wonder, because their sporty genes are still inspiring today.


'Besides, they are Cars are also easy to repair and maintain, 'says Reiner Lücke from Kalletal near Bielefeld, who once on NSU . For this reason, the NSU scene is rich in hobby screwdrivers, on the other hand, NSU owners who rely on workshops can enjoy manageable repair costs. However, workshops familiar with NSU TT are few and far between.

One of them belongs to Dino Eitel from Königsbach-Stein, between Pforzheim and Karlsruhe. He can also confirm the ease of maintenance based on his 20 years of experience. This applies to the NSU 1000 TT model seen in the photos, which belongs to the Swabian-based hobby engine specialist Roland Fleichscher, and to the NSU TT with 1200 cm3.

Service work such as V-belt change, valve clearance adjustment, the replacement of the screwed Housing housed oil filter cartridge or cleaning the oil bath air filter including renewing the oil filling make little demands on the mechanic. All components of the four-cylinder transversely installed in the rear are easy to reach. But some hobby screwdrivers start to ponder when setting the ignition, 'because they should know that the NSU engine is left-handed', explains Eitel.
When replacing the spark plugs, you should take them, and especially with tuned engines, What is more the rule than the exception with today's NSU TT, you must pay attention to the appropriate heat value.

Air cooling is hardly a worry

The cooling system of the NSU TT does not cause any problems. The NSU engine is air-cooled. And the fan wheel is not driven by a V-belt, but sits on the crankshaft. On the other hand, the thermally highly stressed engine tends to leak after a certain time. Depending on the amount of oil leaking out, the owner then has to decide whether to have the machine sealed, or for how longgets by until an engine overhaul is due anyway.

Sometimes the NSU TT also needs a cylinder head overhaul. 'If the oil consumption is high, it is usually not enough to just replace the valve stem seals because the valve guides are primarily worn,' says Eitel.

If the interior smells like exhaust gas, the heat exchanger must be replaced. But sporty NSU TT tamers, who are mainly on the road in summer, often opt for a performance-enhancing manifold instead and forego the heat exchanger and thus a heater. They get hot enough when accelerating.

Clutch change in 39 minutes

A good example of the ease of maintenance of the NSU TT refers to the clutch change. 'You don't have to remove either the engine or the transmission,' explains Eitel. And so this only costs around 150 euros, sometimes even less.
Incidentally, NSU gave 39 minutes for removing and installing the clutch, 100 minutes for the engine and 48 minutes for the gearbox. Even if some screws do not loosen well after so many years, the working hours are still quite short.

Regarding the gearbox of the NSU TT, it should be mentioned that new bearings and seals are available for revisions, Synchronizer rings only used. Because these parts have not yet been reproduced.

The NSU TT chassis depends on maintenance

The NSU TT chassis has one or two repairs that are a bit more expensive can fail. Especially if the grease nipples on the front axle have been neglected, the kingpin needs to be replaced, which are stored in brass bushings. The latter have to be reamed to the required size with a reamer - no work for hobby screwdrivers. In the workshop, installing new kingpin on the NSU TT costs around 600 euros for both sides.

If all the rubber and silent bushings on the front axle have to be replaced, the bill can cost 500 euros or a little more. However, this does not include the large inner silent bushings of the upper wishbones. 'You can actually only get them out after removing the axle, because they sit extremely tight after many years,' says NSU TT specialist Eitel.

To remove the NSU TT axle, which takes about two hours, Incidentally, you need one of the few special tools, the pedal puller. There is a little more to report about the rear axle. There is, for example, the pairing of the drive shaft, sliding blocks and sun gear of the differential. The sun gear and sliding blocks have markings that you should pay attention to when replacing individual parts, because they guarantee an optimal fit.

Always include wheel bolts Tighten the torque wrench

The nut on the axle shaft can become loose despiteLoosen the locking plate over time, and the NSU TT then loses the wheel including the brake drum. Previously, for example, signs of wear and tear on the inside of the brake drum caused play by the wheel bearings.

Sometimes the drum also cracks. Or it warps or the wheel bolts break out if the wheels of the NSU TT are not tightened with the correct, relatively low torque of 45 Nm. In addition, chemical reactions can occur between the retracted steel ring, on which the brake shoes act, and the material of the drum.

Especially NSU TT drivers who have placed their cars on wider wheels are used for safety reasons Conversion to brake drums with steel hubs is recommended. Incidentally, Motor Klassik reported on possible modifications to the NSU TT in issue 4/2004.

There were also reinforced rubber star couplings mentioned there. With the NSU TT, the drive power comes from the drive shaft to the axle shaft via a rubber star coupling, which is often worn or porous. If you have it replaced by an original part in the workshop, this costs around 140 euros per side, while the reinforced version costs around 180 euros.

The fact is that the maintenance costs for an NSU TT are relative low. It's hard to believe that it offers so much driving fun for it.

Service tip NSU TT

An annual technical check in the workshop and an oil change are advisable. Service work such as adjusting the valve clearance is based on the annual mileage of the NSU TT. Owners should not forget the grease nipples on the front axle, otherwise wear and tear on the kingpin increases.

It is important to regularly check the fit of the nut on the rear axle shaft and not to exceed the specified tightening torque when changing the wheel of the NSU TT.

The clubs also always offer support in the Dealing with the TT, for example the NSU Prinz Club Schwaben www.nsu-prinz -clubschwaben.de or the Scuderia NSU Süddeutschland, www.scuderia-nsu. de .


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