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Novelties vs. Discontinued model: These cars are worth the wait

Christian Schulte
Novelty against discontinued models
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While many new releases shine in the limelight at the IAA, their predecessors are already in the second row among dealers. They are usually particularly well-engineered and available at high discounts. a uto motor und sport has compiled the most important debutants for the next few months up to 40,000 euros and identified the discount offers for discontinued models. Let's take the current A5 - a car that continues to impress with its excellent workmanship and modern technology. Safe driving behavior, good handling and the choice between three variants (Sportback, Coupé, Cabrio) keep the series attractive, also in view of the imminent successor. With other models such as the Opel Astra, however, the new edition is noticeably more high-quality, more comfortable and more economical - it is worth waiting for Weighing up individual cases

Is a nine percent discount a lot or a little? That depends on how much money you can or want to spend. One thing is certain: a new car is significantly more expensive and loses its value enormously, especially in the first year. High discounts for discontinued models come in very handy, especially if, like the Audi A3, Mercedes A-Class or BMW 3 Series, it is just a facelift without any major changes. The situation is different with cars that have been built for ten years or more or were not up to date when they were launched: It is usually worth waiting for the successor, because modern technology also means more safety, more economical engines and better connectivity the loss in value is less than with a model that has been replaced. And here, too, attractive financing and leasing conditions often make it easier to get started.

Model check in all classes: Take the new one or secure a discount for the discontinued model? Our picture gallery provides answers.


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