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No factory in Bremen: Borgward does not want to return

No factory in Bremen for the time being
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E It would surely not only have pleased car nostalgics, but also Bremen politics and the population in the Hanseatic city, if Borgward had made his announcement true and built an assembly plant in the northern German city. After all, Bremen was already the home of the then very important car manufacturer, which was revived in 2015, right before and after the Second World War. And after its re-establishment, the brand had always emphasized that it wanted to return to the Weser with a plant.

Borgward lets the land option expire

But nothing will come of it for the time being. As a spokesman for 'Handelsblatt' confirmed in the meantime, Borgward let the reservation of a 140,000 square meter area in the Bremen freight center expire at the end of June. According to the WFB, the reason is a change in strategy due to a change of shareholder, which has led to the original plan for production in Bremen not being pursued any further. The brand itself does not rule out a commitment: “How and in what form Borgward will be active in Bremen in the future is currently being examined,” says the spokesman. The city is still the home of Borgward and one remains in close contact with the WFB.

The BX7 is one of three SUV models that Borgward is currently offering.

The aforementioned share takeover took place around the turn of the year. At that time, the Chinese company Ucar had taken over shares from Foton. The truck, bus and car manufacturer, which is also based in China, wanted to sell 67 percent of the shares for a long time, according to the 'Stuttgarter Zeitung'. 'According to its own information, Ucar paid around 508 million euros for the investment in the young company,' the report continues. The new majority shareholder operates an Internet platform on which cars are sold, and an Uber-like oneDriving service.

Petrol SUVs instead of e-cars and hybrids

In November, CEO Philip Koehn left his post. His successor is Xiuzhan Zhu, who was a manager at Daimler for some time and worked for automotive suppliers before Borgward. Koehn was thus head of Borgward for four months and, according to the Stuttgarter Zeitung, left “for personal reasons”.

Instead of electric cars and plug-in hybrids, as originally planned for the 2015 restart, the resurrected brand is currently only selling Gasoline-powered SUVs bearing the model designations BX5, BX6 and BX7. The company is based in Stuttgart and has a production plant in China. It will probably stay that way in the near future.


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