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Nissan takes diesel fear: 500 euro protection against driving bans

Nissan takes diesel fear away
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U m To protect itself against possible driving bans in German cities, Nissan is now offering the city center guarantee. Anyone who should be affected by a driving ban in the future can return their car to the dealer at any time. However, this guarantee is tied to a number of general conditions.

Guarantee tied to numerous conditions

It only applies to the purchase of a new Nissan X-Trail or Nissan Qashqai with a diesel engine. It costs 500 euros and is available for all cars that are financed by Nissan Bank for up to four years. In order to claim the guarantee, a driving ban must be in effect at the place of residence or within a radius of a maximum of 100 kilometers for at least 30 days a year. The only requirement is that the driving ban cannot be lifted with the help of Nissan retrofit solutions and that it exists for at least 30 days per year. The repurchase price is then based on the residual value valid upon return according to Eurotax /Schwacke. This also means that financing will be withdrawn immediately. The contract is terminated free of charge - without incurring any fees or early repayment penalties. In the event of a return, the dealer will check the requirements and offset the outstanding transfer fee of the financing with the surrender value. Taking into account possible damage as well as additional or reduced kilometers, a maximum of 2,500 euros will be compensated.

If desired, the diesel SUV can also be exchanged for an emission-free and fully electric Leaf. The monthly installments of the financing are then adjusted here.


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