Nissan Reader Test Drive 2016

Arturo Rivas
Nissan Reader Test Drive
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With such a beautiful program, the Eifel also has a blue sky like a picture book. While the Green Hell is still slumbering under a blanket of snow, 24 auto motor und sport readers gather in the Nismo shop at the Nürburgring. Nissan and a uto motor und sport have invited you to serve a very special menu.

There is a starter an off-road excursion with the new Navara. There are waiting: deep water, dizzying twisting tracks, steep ascents and descents as well as plenty of mud and sand. No problem for the talented pickup and the readers: put in a reduction and have fun. Christopoulos Aris from Waiblingen raves: “Great vehicle, the off-road drive was clearly convincing.”

Next menu item: E-car. Before going on the road, information is provided about the rare species. Where are the batteries in a car like this? How much range is possible? Where can electricity be charged and how? Interesting how detailed the readers ask. Obviously many people have the topic of electric cars on their minds. It's good that Nissan has the world's best-selling e-car on offer with the Leaf - and can respond with appropriate experience.

During the subsequent trip in the compact Stromer, readers are taught tricks on how to use them most effectively the Leaf to then compete against each other in a small eco race. Motto: Who skimp on battery power the most? Reader Daniela Hau from Brachttal is enthusiastic about the e-experience: “It was fun with the Leaf”, but adds: “Since I like sporty cars, I would like a corresponding shape. Plus more charging stations. ”

The delicious conclusion to the Nissan menu awaits the participants in the driving safety center of the Nürburgring: a ride in the 550 hp GT-R. As expected, the super sports car lights up all readers' eyes - and even makes some hands tremble. At the end of the three-course menu there is the all-important question: Did it taste good?

Nicole Schubach and Sandra Roslan sum it up for everyone: 'Yes! It was full of extremes. And it was a lot of fun. “


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