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  • Nissan Qashqai sets a world record: over 382 km / h in an SUV

Nissan Qashqai sets a world record: over 382 km / h in an SUV

Severn Valley Motorsport
Nissan sets world speed record
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  • Current SUV world record (382.7 km /h)
  • Toyota Land Speed ​​Cruiser with 370.2 km /h

N Nissan Qashquai with 2,000 hp to a record

'Nissan on a world record drive' does not read particularly well at first. Because the GT-R sports car seems to be made for just that. But this time it's not about the Japanese 911 killer, but about the fastest SUV in the world: the Nissan Qashqai. Tuned by Severn Valley Motorsport to 2,000 hp, the British, who normally converted the GT-R into a V-Max monster, brought the SUV to 382.7 km /h forced ventilation of the combustion chambers. With a periphery adapted to this, the eight-cylinder swings up to 2,000 hp. In order to be able to convert the performance into speed, the ladder frame of the Toyota was lowered significantly, reinforced and extensively clad. There were also small spoilers on the front and rear as well as high-speed tires.

Even on the first run to warm up, the Land Speed ​​Cruiser reached almost 320 km /h. The first measurement run peaked at over 340 km /h. Then the boost pressure was readjusted again and Edwards dropped the hammer. At almost 360 km /h, the load became a bit restless, Edwards said afterwards. The racing driver stopped and beat the speed cruiser to 370.2 km /h - a new world record for an SUV.


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