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Nissan NV300: Primastar successor comes in 2016

Nissan NV300
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W he already at the Primastar, the Japanese will join forces with the new edition of the van the transporter duo Trafic and Vivaro, which was developed jointly by Renault and Opel.

Large selection of bodies

While the technology of the sister models remains unchanged, the face of the NV300 with the typical V- shaped grille again adapted to the Nissan design line. With the new name NV300, the van is intended to fit into the existing commercial vehicle nomenclature between the NV200 and the NV400.

Nissan offers the new NV300 as a panel van in two lengths and two heights, as a six-seater double cab in two Lengths and as a combination in two lengths for the transport of up to 9 passengers. In addition, as a chassis it provides the basis for various customer-specific bodies. The loading volume of the van is between 5.2 and 8.6 cubic meters, depending on the model.

A 1.6-liter diesel is used under the bonnet of the NV300, with four output levels of 95 hp 120 hp and 92, 125 hp to 145 hp is offered. In the two most powerful versions, the diesel is charged by twin turbo. A six-speed manual gearbox is always on board - as well as a particle filter and an exhaust gas cleaning system with SCR technology to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.


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