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Nissan Navara 2016: Pickup now with Euro 6

Holger Schaper
Nissan Navara 2016
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F or the Nissan Navara, which was only introduced at the beginning of the year, is available for An engine update already at the end of the year. With the additional installation of an SCR catalytic converter with urea injection, the two variants of the four-cylinder diesel engine now meet the Euro 6 emissions standard.

Navara now with AdBlue

The 17 liter additional tank for AdBlue - Urea solution is filled via a separate fuel filler flap on the passenger side. Its content should be sufficient for a maximum driving distance of 11,500 kilometers. Depending on the variant, the standard consumption drops by up to 0.2 liters, the tax-relevant CO2 emissions also decrease accordingly. Part of the responsibility for this is the automatic start-stop system that is now standard for the manual transmission versions.

Performance remains, consumption down

The performance data (monoturbo with 163 and biturbo with 190 hp) has been shown nothing changed. However, the curb weight of the individual models increases by five to 38 kilos, depending on the version and equipment. To compensate, Nissan has increased the gross vehicle weight to up to 3,045 kg. From now on, all variants of the cruise control and the Bluetooth radio as well as the multifunction steering wheel are standard.

Nissan had already adjusted the prices for June. The cheapest model is the Navara with rear-wheel drive as a King Cab for 26,470 euros, the price list ends with the fully equipped Tekna double cab with 190 hp and automatic for 43,130 euros.


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