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Nissan Maxima at the New York Auto Show: Four-Door Sportsman

Nissan Maxima at the New York Auto Show
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D as the new Nissan top model for the US market was presented to the public by CEO Carlos Ghosn himself at the New York Auto Show. The new Nissan Maxima has adopted the dynamic lines of the Detroit study almost unchanged in series production - the appearance is correspondingly sporty.

Nissan Maxima with 300 PS V6

Striking beads and edges , modeled sheet metal parts around the wheel arches and a flat-cut greenhouse shape the image of a muscular limousine. The real power comes from a 3.5-liter V6 suction gasoline engine that brings 300 hp to the start. Shifting takes place via a CVT gearbox with permanently programmed gears.

The chassis has been tuned tighter, thick stabilizers are supposed to reduce the side tilt, while depending on the version, 18 or 19 inch alloy wheels with 245 wide tires are pleasing to the eye and contact with the road hold.

The interior of the Nissan Maxima caresses the passengers with a lot of leather. The cockpit focuses on the driver. The central control element is a touchscreen on the center console.

The safety equipment of the new Nissan Maxima includes a collision warning system, adaptive cruise control, an emergency brake assistant, a cross traffic warning as well as a blind spot assistant and a drowsiness warning.

The new one is manufactured Maxima in Tennessee. Prices for the new Maxima, which will go on sale in the US this summer, start at $ 32,410.


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