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Nissan Leaf Nismo: e-car with a sports look

Nissan Leaf Nismo
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D he new Nissan Leaf has made a huge leap forward purely externally . Sleeker, more pleasing and also technically significantly further developed. The concept car that the Japanese are presenting at the Tokyo Motor Show shows what is still in the concept of the electric car.

Leaf Nismo only visually faster

Nissan's in-house motorsport subsidiary was allowed to launch the Leaf redesign. Only the look was changed.

The in-house motorsport subsidiary Nismo was allowed to design the Leaf Concept. It goes without saying that the result was a sporty Leaf. However, it only looks like a tracksuit. The electrical drive technology remained untouched. The Nismo package includes a new front spoiler with a black base color and red design line, newly designed side skirts - also with a red accent line and a newly shaped rear apron with a powerful diffuser. In addition, the Leaf received new light alloy rims and was wrapped in a new coat of paint. The black roof stands out from the white body. The bonnet received a black middle section. The black painted exterior mirror housings have a red design stripe. Sports seats, a sports steering wheel and red design accents add value to the interior.

Serena Nismo goes on sale

The one from Nismo The redesigned seven-seater Serena is actually going on sale in Japan.

The seven-seater Serena minivan, which is only available in Japan, was edited in the same style by Nismo . Here, too, new aprons, side skirts, alloy wheels and the color scheme underline the sporty line in the typical Nismo look. In this case there is also a new sports suspension, chip tuning for the engine and a sports exhaust system. In contrast to the Leaf, the Serena Nismo does not remain a study. In Japan it is scheduled to go on sale in November.


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