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Nissan Juke at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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First teaser pictures suggest that the Nissan Juke has some elements of the N issan Qazana study has saved the series.

Nissan Juke at the Geneva Motor Show 2010: Horizontal headlights

So the Geneva Motor Show debut Nissan Juke also comes with the extremely horizontal and extreme narrow main headlights that flank the bonnet almost to the A-pillar. Also inspired by the Nissan Qazana study, the steeply sloping roof line of the four-door, which gives the compact SUV a dynamic appearance. The powerfully exhibited wheel arches are also retained in the Nissan Juke.

Geneva Motor Show 2010: Nissan Juke between Qashqai and Note

Whether the new Nissan will keep its crisp rear is at first Images not recognizable. The front comes in the series with the typically framed Nissan logo and the fog lights located in deep holes. The bulging front section and the perforated underrun protection will probably not exist in the series, as well as the doors that open in opposite directions and the missing B-pillar. The new Nissan Juke will roll off the production line at the British plant in Sunderland, information on the technology or the price has not yet been given. According to Nissan, the Nissan Juke is between the Nissan Note and the Nissan Qashqai positioned.


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