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Nissan IDx at the Tokyo Motor Show: two dissimilar brothers

Nissan IDx at the Tokyo Motor Show
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D the Nissan IDx Concept is just under 4, 10 meters long, 1.70 meters wide and only 1.30 meters high. Despite the tight dimensions, the angular two-door should offer space for four people. The coupe has an extremely short overhang at the front. The roof seems to float on the large window area and the C-pillar, which is only hinted at. Ventilation gills in the flanks add further design accents. Furthermore, the IDx is limited to the essentials.

There are only a few instruments and controls in the functional interior of the IDx Freeflow. The seats are upholstered in classic denim, the doors have drawstrings. The only concession to modernity is a large touchscreen on the dashboard.

Nissan could imagine a 1.2- or 1.5-liter petrol engine in combination with a continuously variable transmission for the daily driver.

IDx Nismo relies on pure sportiness

The engineers at Nissan in-house tuner Nismo have manifested completely different ideas about what you could do with the IDx in their concept. This is about pure sport. Fender flares make the IDx Nismo ten centimeters wider. Numerous body parts have been replaced by carbon fiber laminate counterparts. Fat 19-inch rims with 225/40 tires now rotate in the wheel arches.

Another drive is used in the same way. Nismo sees a 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder in the IDx bow, which is equipped with a CVT transmission with six manually selectable ratios.

The interior has a racing look. Alcantara surfaces, sports seat shells and numerous displays ensure the right feeling.

Whether the IDx, which stands for Identification X, i.e. variable identity, will ever become a series model is still uncertain. One or the other model could certainly be developed from it.


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