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Nissan IDS Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show: Self-driving Stromer

Nissan IDS Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show
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M Nissan is pursuing electric and autonomous driving two goals: zero emissions and zero road deaths. The electric drive should protect the environment, the autonomous systems compensate for human errors that are the cause of more than 90 percent of all car accidents.

Nissan IDS Concept with changeable interior

Because for Nissan autonomous driving is not the same as boring mobility, the IDS Concept adapts its driving characteristics - from accelerating to braking to cornering - to the style and preferences of the driver. Incidentally, the Nissan IDS Concept not only takes over driving independently, but also wireless charging and parking; The driver can control the parking process using a smartphone or tablet. In manual mode, the driver again has full control, but the assistance systems in the background continue to ensure safety.

The design of the interior also changes depending on the selected driving mode: in autonomous mode, the steering wheel pulls into the middle the instrument panel back, the seats turn slightly inwards to create a more relaxed atmosphere. In manual driving mode, the seats align to the front; Steering wheel, instruments and a head-up display for the route and other driving information appear. You can switch between the two modes using a switch between the front seats.

A lot of the Nissan IDS Concept revolves around communication: the vehicle communicates with the driver and it communicates with the environment, signaling to pedestrians and cyclists that it has noticed , and gives them the right of way when crossing the lane. The drive is electric. Advanced aerodynamics and the low weight of the carbon fiber body, together with the 60 kWh battery, should ensure long ranges.


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