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Nissan collapses: Renault-Nissan loses market share

Nissan collapses
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In 2008, the association still supplied 9.4 percent of the market. With its new partner Lada, Renault-Nissan sold 6.085 million cars and achieved a market share of 9.8 percent, as Renault announced on Tuesday. The car manufacturer L ada , in which Renault holds a quarter of the shares, is a restructuring case.

Megane and Twingo bring back third place in Europe

The global automobile market shrank by 4.9 percent in 2009. Renault lost 3.1 percent in sales to 2,309 .188 cars. The French conquered Europe thanks to the models Megane and Twingo back third place. They increased their share of the world market to 3.7 percent because the brands under Renault Dacia and Samsung drove vigorously forward.

In contrast, the off-road vehicle specialist experienced Nissan a slump of 9.4 percent to 3.36 million cars or 5.4 percent share of the world market. While sales in Japan fell by an eighth to 600,000 cars, sales in China rose 38.7 percent to 755,000 cars. This made China the second largest market for Nissan, ahead of Japan and after the USA. Europe follows with half a million cars.


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