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Nissan 370Zki: convertible as snowmobile

Nissan 370Zki
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A conventional Nissan 3 70Z Cabrio. In order to be prepared for extreme winter conditions, all four wheels were removed from the roadster. Then the two-seater was raised significantly with a 3-inch lift kit. This creates ground clearance and, above all, space for the new drive technology. The technicians adapted chain drive modules to the rear axle. Since the front axle on the 370Z only performs steering tasks, only simple runner elements have been fitted here. Overall, the 370Z has also grown by 3 inches in width, which is due to the wheel spacers for the new snowshoes. For chain drives at the rear, the wheel arch cutouts also had to be enlarged.

For a technically perfect result, the brakes were then modified, the exhaust system relocated and the spring elements adapted to the new framework conditions.

Rounded off the Nissan 370Zski presence is enhanced by a Flame-look foiling and yellow-colored headlight lenses that are supposed to imitate the look of ski goggles.

After its trade fair appearance in Chicago, the Nissan 370Zki will spend the rest of the winter season in ski areas in Wyoming at other show events.


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