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Nikola One Truck: hydrogen truck with 1,000 hp

Nikola Motor
Nikola One Electric Truck
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W if you have never heard the name Nikola Motor, this is not unusual - the Michigan company has not yet appeared as an automobile or commercial vehicle manufacturer. That should now change with a bang, because Nikola Motor not only wants to bring a completely new, electrically powered hybrid truck onto the road, they have also announced a 520 (!) HP UTV.

The name Tesla has already been taken, which is why Nikola Motor named himself after the first name of the electrical pioneer. The pre-order procedure also looks a bit copied from the great model from California: interested parties can register for a fee of 1,500 dollars in order to be able to buy a vehicle on a date that has not yet been specified.

Bosch delivers E -Axle for fuel cell trucks

Nikola wants to bring two hydrogen-powered trucks onto the market by 2021. Bosch is helping with their development. The electric drive is based on the automotive supplier's e-axle; The motor, electronics and transmission are combined here in a compact unit. Bosch also supplies software and hardware for vehicle control. Both companies are jointly developing the fuel cell.

Nikola Motor
There are both semitrailer trucks and UTV until now only computer graphics. Delivery date: unknown.

The announcement of the two new all-wheel-drive vehicles definitely reads spectacularly. The Nikola One truck should have an output of 1,000 hp. It is driven by six electric motors for each wheel. The Nikola One generates the electricity for the 320 kWh traction battery itself: However, there has now been a shift in philosophy -at least for the markets in North America. If a natural gas-fired gas turbine behind the driver's cab was previously used as a generator, the plan is now to use a fuel cell as the energy supplier. The natural gas version is to come for other world markets. Nikola commissioned the Norwegian company Nel Hydrogen for the necessary hydrogen infrastructure. They are to produce 448 electrolysers for the production of hydrogen. In addition, 28 H2 filling stations are to be built nationwide.

1,000 PS and 1,600 km range

Either way, the Nikola One will continue to be advertised with numerous fabulous values. It should be able to accelerate to 100 km /h within 30 seconds, have a range of up to 1,600 kilometers, and have a braking distance that is half the length of a standard truck. Nikola Motors has partially withdrawn the originally announced values: Originally, the truck was supposed to have 2,000 hp and travel 2,000 kilometers. But compared to a US truck with a diesel engine, the data still reads spectacularly. Converted, the hydrogen truck should also be more economical, Nikola indicates a halved consumption of 23 liters per 100 kilometers.

Torque vectoring and lower center of gravity

The truck should be safer and easier to drive also be. This is due to a new design of the cabin, explains Nikola. The hood is considerably shorter than that of conventional US trucks and the front window is considerably wider. Because the weight of the essential components is at the same level as the frame - or even below it - the hydrogen truck lies much better on the road. The recuperation brake shortens the braking distance, torque vectoring improves the cornering properties.

Nikola Motor
The Nikola Zero should have an output of 520 hp and accelerate to 100 km /h in three seconds.

Like Tesla with the superchargers, Nikola Motor wants to upgrade the US nationwide with solar systems for hydrogen generation. 50 of these are to be built nationwide by 2020. A natural gas filling station network was planned beforehand.

Refueling 1.6 million km for free

The company is promising the first 5,000Reservation fee payers that they will receive the hydrogen for 1.6 million kilometers for free. The company is quoting a purchase price of 375,000 US dollars for the Nikola One Truck.

At the same time, Nikola Motor is also announcing the construction of a fully electric UTV, a so-called 'side-by-side' off-road vehicle. Fabulous performance data are also given for this 'Nikola Zero' vehicle. The Nikola Zero off-road vehicle is expected to generate 520 electrical horsepower, accelerate to 100 km /h in three seconds and have a range of up to 240 kilometers with the 50 kWh battery. The charging time with a suitable wallbox should be less than two hours, and the Zero One generates its own electricity via solar modules on the roll cage.

Nikola Zero and Nikola One

The power device should have a suspension travel of 50 centimeters, stand on 32-inch tires and weigh 860 kilos. Prospective buyers must pay a reservation fee of $ 750, which is offset against the purchase price, for the Nikola Zero, with a total price of $ 42,000. The first 5,000 reservations are promised a $ 5,000 discount on the purchase price.


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