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Nikola Motor is suing Tesla for $ 2 billion

Nikola sues Tesla
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W hen vehicle designers tinker with a blank sheet of paper, yes usually something completely new emerges in the end. But what seems difficult with cars, obviously becomes more and more demanding the bigger they are. So it makes sense to simply use the design of an existing copy. And that is exactly what Trevor Milton, the CEO of the US manufacturer Nikola Motor Company, accuses his competitor, Tesla boss Elon Musk (Nikola Corp. v. Tesla, Inc., 2: 18-cv-01344-GMS, US District Court , District of Arizona).

Tesla is not aware of any guilt

The object of contention is the semi-truck from Tesla, which in terms of appearance is noticeably close to that of the Nikola One-semi-trucks oriented. While Trevor Milton only wants the two billion dollar damages lawsuit to speak for itself, Tesla explains: 'It is perfectly clear that this lawsuit has no basis.' At least one question can already be answered: Who was first? The answer: Nikola One at the end of 2016.

Nikola Motor
The Nikola One Truck is supposed to be the standard meter of e-trucks.

According to the indictment, Elon Musk already saw a first picture of the Nikola One on May 9, 2016 and began developing his own truck. On September 22nd, Aaron Hoyos, a Tesla headhunter, tried to poach Nikola chief engineer Kevin Lynk. Tesla did not respond to a design cease and desist from Nikola on November 7, 2017. But on the contrary. On November 16, 2017, around a year after the Nikola One presentation, Tesla presented its semi-truck in Hawthorne, California.

Nikola first manufacturer with mid-entry door

BeforeThe 180 degree windshield in particular is the subject of the indictment. It is interesting here that Tesla apparently did not simply copy the design, but instead reduced the drag coefficient from 0.37 to 0.36. At the same time, Nikola was the first manufacturer in the truck industry to design a mid-entry door. The Tesla also has one.

Of course, the exciting question for Europeans is why two billion dollars can be called in the land of seemingly unlimited claims for damages. Nikola calculates this as follows: The value of a Tesla share has grown from just under 303 at the time to more than 315 dollars after the presentation. This corresponded to around two billion dollars.

The hydrogen-powered semi-truck should be able to cover up to 1,900 kilometers on a full tank and have an output of around 1,000 hp. In addition to the trucks themselves, Nikola wants to set up their own stations for the trucks. The first stations are to be opened in the coming year. The truck follows a year later.


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