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In response to the question whether he at the supervisory board meeting of Adam O pel GmbH appointed Opel boss on Friday Reilly replied: 'I wouldn't deny that.' Reilly announced that it would present the restructuring plan for the ailing automaker by the end of January. He hopes that the negotiations with the employees will be concluded by then.

Reilly enraged Klaus Franz

Reilly enraged the chairman of the Opel general works council, Klaus Franz, with the statement that all of the employee's claims were still open. So far, details have been discussed, decisions about the employee equity stake required by the works council or the conversion of Adam Opel GmbH into a stock corporation have not yet been made, explained Reilly. As long as the overall package is not in place, no single point is finally ticked off. Opel's general works council chairman Klaus Franz rated this as an 'uncanny affront':

Reilly had already given written commitments on both topics on December 10th. Reilly has stated in writing that GM is ready to convert the GmbH into an AG. The works council is already negotiating with lawyers and auditors. 'There are no employee contributions on any other basis,' emphasized Franz. When it comes to equity participation, the only open question is how much the employees will participate in the company in return for their annual wage waiver of 265 million euros. 'In principle, the decision has been made,' said Franz. The employees demand ten percent, GM is currently offering five percent, which is then to be increased annually by one percent in return for the waiver of wages. An agreement had also long been reached on the employee's profit-sharing requirement of ten percent of the net profit.

Hans Demant could not assert himself as Mister Opel

'Reilly cannot turn away from the declaration unilaterally,' said Franz. From the point of view of the works council chairman, who is also the deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Opel, the decision on the appointment of the Opel top has not yet been made: don't know how the board of directors will decide. ' Should be ReillyAs expected, GM's UK executive would succeed Hans Demant. Demant has been at the top of the traditional Rüsselsheim car manufacturer since 2004. He is regarded as an excellent engineer, but could not assert himself as 'Mister Opel' in the poker for the future of Opel.


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