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New world record for Nissan GT-R: Drift at over 300 km / h

New world record for 1,400 hp Nissan GT-R
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D he guessing game started with a teaser -Video that Nissan uploaded to Youtube on Saturday (April 2nd, 2016). Crisp title: 'GT-R - World Record (More soon!)'. In the 16-second spot, the actually 600 hp sports car raced down a long straight. In addition, smoking tires, a jumping speedometer needle and working hands on the steering wheel.

Nissan GT-R drifts with over 300 things

Five days later, Nissan reveals what world record the brand has recently claimed for itself may: the fastest drift ever driven. At the beginning of the drift maneuver, the Nissan GT-R had exactly 304.96 km /h on it, according to the official Nissan announcement. The whole thing at an angle of 30 degrees. With this, Godzilla wrests the Guinness record from a Toyota GT-86 bred to over 1,000 hp. That stood at a remarkable 217.97 items.

Nissan set the new record at Fujairah Airport in the United Arab Emirates. The three-kilometer runway there was long enough for such a challenge, according to Nissan. Before setting the world record, Nissan tested the GT-R at the Fuji Speedway in Japan. It was about balancing agility, stability and safe handling. And about adapting the chassis to the increased power. The Nismo technicians tickled 1,400 hp from Godzilla, which are sent to the rear wheels. The Japanese tuning company Greddy Trust then prepared the monster for its big appearance.

The Fuji tests were also about finding a suitable driver for the task. The choice finally fell on Masato Kawabata. He currently leads the Japanese drift series.

In our picture gallery we show you the photos of the world record drift.


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