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New VW T6 with exhaust gas problems: All information about the recall

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
New VW bus (T6) with emissions problems
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N oh insider -Information checks the KBA, whether it “VW can succeed in reducing high nitrogen oxide levels and at the same time comply with the CO2 values ​​with which the cars have been registered”, so the sheet. The current problem is that nitrogen oxide emissions have been reduced, but VW's CO2 values ​​have been increased by up to ten percent. As a result, the car manufacturer also required a new type approval for the T6 models. The CO2 figures are also relevant for calculating the vehicle tax, but Volkswagen will offset the higher tax, according to the company. VW also wants to find an “amicable solution” for the associated additional consumption.

According to the Wirtschaftswoche, 192,000 VW T6s with Euro 6 diesel have been delivered since 2015.

Flashback: From the middle From December 2017 to February 2018, Volkswagen no longer delivered the T6 bus with diesel engines. The model has problems with nitrogen oxide emissions. At that time, VW had informed the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg that the model “exceeded the values ​​for nitrogen oxide specified in the certification”. Background. The nitrogen oxide emissions are determined by the real exhaust gases as well as a correction value; Volkswagen has specified this value too low.

In addition, VW had found in tests that the permissible limit values ​​for nitrogen oxide were 'partially significantly' exceeded. After communicating these test results to the KBA, the registration authority was probably considering a complete ban on the registration of the VW bus. In order to avoid this, VW offered to develop and install a software update immediately. The first T6 buses with the optimized software were then delivered again in mid-February 2018.

In a statement to auto motor und sport, a spokesman for VW Commercial Vehicles said at the time: “The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand is currently investigating internal information that certain technical values ​​are being used in the context of checking the conformity of production=COP) of the Multivan T6 model with diesel units and car approval (so-called M1 approval) cannot be fully confirmed. The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand has already informed the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) of this fact in the course of the usual COP process. ”VW was able to provide further details on the affected engine types, number of vehicles or years of construction as well as any necessary measuresdo not say. “As a precaution, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand has initially suspended the delivery of new Multivan T6 vehicles with the relevant diesel engines and car registration. The clarification of the facts as well as the coordination and approval of any necessary measures in close coordination with the responsible authorities is the top priority for the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand, 'concluded the spokesman.


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