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New VW I.D. Beetle (from 2022): four doors and rear-wheel drive

New VW ID Beetle (from 2022)
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'If you are the MEB [modular electrical construction kit; Note d. Red.], The shortest possible wheelbase is that of the I.D. If you then build the Beetle on it, you have plenty of space without compromising on functionality. So it could be a very attractive car, 'said Bischof.

VW electric Beetle already sketched

At the same time, the design boss confirmed that he already had a picture of a four-door Beetle Outlined the basis of the MEB. However, it will take another two or three years before a decision is made for production.

The current VW Beetle as a coupé has long since ceased to be part of the model range, the convertible will still be available in 2018 - both models will be preserved no successor. 'Today's Beetle is very attractive as a two-door coupé and a convertible, but its niche is very limited in terms of sales,' said the head of design. Accordingly, the Beetle successor could succeed as a pure electric model of the I.D.family. After all, VW boss Herbert Diess is striving to introduce emotional electric cars in addition to the conventional I.D.models: These include the VW bus, which is known as the I.D. Buzz will be launched in 2022, which could also include the Beetle or the Beetle. After all, both vehicles reflect the brand's tradition. Diess also gave hints about the electric model: 'If we made a Beetle EV, it would be much better than the current model and much closer to the story because it could have rear-wheel drive.

Ingo Barenschee
The VW ID will be launched in 2019. The compact model could also be supported by the VW Beetle EV.

However, Bischof also clearly steps on the brakes: “It is our job , theGetting volume models going “Only then can one devote oneself to more exotic and emotional cars. A possible competition between the I.D. And finally, Bischof does not see the electric Beetle. 'It has always been the culture at VW that there is space for two or even three [models] in the same segment.'

At VW, the ID family currently comprises 5 models: It starts with the compact Model ID, which will be around 15 centimeters shorter than a VW Golf from 2019. The second MEB model named I.D. will follow at the end of 2019. Crozz. It will be about as long as a BMW X4 and will operate as an SUV coupé. For 2022 the VW I.D. Buzz targeted, which is supposed to remind of the T1. The I.D. mid-range sedan will follow in 2023. Aero and in 2024 a mid-size SUV that will be named I.D. Lounge will hear. In our photo show you can find out everything else about the I.D. models and MEB technology.


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