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New VW engines: from the three-cylinder to the new W12

New VW engines
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F For Volkswagen, the optimization of the combustion engine remains even in the electric age - and hybrid vehicles are an important field of innovation. The reduction in CO2 is a decisive factor here. The three-cylinder TSI presented on the basis of the EA211 unit should achieve 272 hp from just one liter of displacement thanks to the monoscroll turbocharger and e-booster. A newly developed coating process, laser roughening, is intended to reduce friction within the motors and further increase performance. The Wolfsburg-based company intends to use this process in large-scale production in the future.

W12 with 608 hp for premium models

The Volkswagen Group has been using the W12 concept for 13 years. The latest generation of the top engine has a capacity of six liters and has a capacity of 608 hp and could in future beat the sheet metal chest of a Bentley and Audi R8. The engine's CO2 emissions should be less than 250 g /km. Cylinder deactivation and a start-stop system help to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Furthermore, the oil circuit has been made suitable for off-road use and the cylinder liners are APS-coated.

New 2.0 liter TDI for VW Multivan and Transporter

The new two-liter diesel engine is intended for light commercial vehicles and is based on the MDB modular diesel kit. The engine will make its debut in the Multivan and Transporter models. Fuel savings of an average of 14% were at the top of the engineers' agenda, in addition to meeting the EU6 emission limits. The four existing versions currently cover a power range from 84 to 204 hp.


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