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New Volvo logo for cars, trucks and branding

Secretly Volvo has renewed its brand identity. The central element is a new logo, which will also adorn cars and trucks from Sweden in the future.

"Modernize your brand image? Logo!" is what many car manufacturers are saying at the moment. The trend started about two years ago with Volkswagen ; since then, many other car manufacturers have missed new logos. Whether BMW , Nissan , Opel or Renault , to name just a few: everywhere the identification signs should be slimmer, clearer, braver and more modern than before. And Volvo is now striving for the same.

The difference: while the modernization of the brand identity, known in modern German as "relaunch of the corporate identity", was usually celebrated with great media fanfare by the competition, the Swedes have secretly, quietly changed their logo. It has been available on Volvo's social media channels since Wednesday (September 22, 2021). Accompanied by... nothing! No text, video statement or anything like that explaining the change.

Significantly slimmer than before

But it's clear at first glance: Volvo is moving in the wake of the competition and is also making its own logo slimmer and clearer than before. The colored 3D gives way to a black and white 2D look; some details have also changed. The Volvo lettering continues to sit in the center of a circle, but from now on it is floating freely and no longer on a horizontal bar. In addition, the distance between the letters is larger, while the letters themselves are much slimmer. The same applies to the outer circle, in which there is still an arrow at the top right. But now he no longer grows out of the circle, but interrupts it.

"The simplified logo can be displayed better in digital media," says a Volvo spokesman about the innovation. However, as in the recent past, the brand will mostly only use the lettering in its communication with customers, business partners and the press. The simplified logo will also adorn Volvo's cars in the future. A refreshed form of the Volvo emblem could be seen for the first time in the Concept Recharge electric SUV study unveiled in June 2021 (see photo show), in which the logo can no longer be seen superimposed, but rather as a light signature integrated into the front becomes.

Not only on cars, but also on trucks

By the way, the new logo will also adorn the trucks of the Swedes in the future. Volvo Trucks operates under a different business umbrella than the passenger car division (along with Renault Trucks, while Volvo Cars belongs to the Chinese Geely group). But all activities related to the Volvo brands are managed by Volvo Trademark Holding AB. She is responsible for the corporate identity for both the truck and the car offshoot and would like to create a uniform logo look for all Volvo road vehicles.


At Volvo, a similar phenomenon can be seen as with the other brands mentioned at the beginning: At first glance, the new logo appears very simplified, maybe even a bit cheap. However, if you look at the emblems for a longer period of time, at some point the old one looks blocky/bumpy, while the new one comes across as more modern and clear. But every viewer will have a different opinion on this.


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