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New Volkswagen accessories: Fixed wheel hub caps

New Volkswagen accessories
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N oh currywurst for at home and a flower vase for the Beetle, there is now a new highlight in the VW accessories catalog: hub caps with logo and dynamic spinner function. Behind it there are fixed covers for the wheel hub, which stay upright even when the wheel turns. The brand logo always remains in an upright position and is therefore always clearly recognizable.

The VW hub caps are more expensive than those from BMW

You know this gimmick from Rolls-Royce. The British luxury vehicles come with a fixed wheel hub cap ex works. The parent company BMW also offers them as factory accessories. Every BMW with alloy wheels with a bolt circle diameter of 112 millimeters can be equipped with them for 78 euros. For comparison: The Rolls-Royce variant costs around 200 euros on the relevant Internet platforms.

VW charges 99 euros for a set. However, the accessories do not fit all models. Touareg, Up, Polo, Lupo, T-Cross, Phaeton and all light alloy rims with star-shaped hub caps or with hub covers that cover the wheel bolts are excluded. On the other hand, anyone who drives a T-Roc, Golf, Touran, Tiguan, Passat, Arteon, Caddy or T6 of the current generation can now use the wheel hub to show every observer which brand their car came from.

In the past Tuning accessory, nowadays advertising material

The principle of covers attached to the wheel hubs, which rotate differently than the wheels themselves, is familiar to most of the spinner hubcaps, which were mainly used in the US tuning scene in the noughties were common. These in turn were inspired by cars from the 1950s. Some of them crossed the central locking wing nuts typical of pre-war cars with spinner hubcaps to imitate the look of spoked wheels. In the late 1960s, however, these were banned by the traffic authorities for safety reasons.

Today, however, the fixed wheel hub caps are not only used to optimally present the car manufacturer's logo. They are also used as advertising space. More and more taxis and buses are wearing hubcaps based on this principle, which means that a company logo always remains horizontal and is therefore easily perceptible by passers-by.


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