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New US Legislation: More Freedom for Kit Cars and Replicas

New US legislation
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D he new law exempts small series manufacturers from having to comply with current crash regulations; all other safety regulations (brakes, lights, tires, etc.) are retained. In addition, the issue of emissions regulations has been reorganized.

Current engines meet the environmental requirements

Anyone who is in the It produces fewer than 5,000 vehicles a year and is managed by NHTSA as an independent manufacturer. The production of replicas for the US market is limited to a maximum of 325 vehicles per year. For the replicas, the respective manufacturers must own the license rights for the reproduction. The replica model must be at least 25 years old.

In the future, kit cars and replicas may not only be offered as kits, but also as finished vehicles with a drive train. A currently valid 'certificate of conformity' from the US environmental authority EPA must be proven for the installed motor /drive. If this is available, the entire vehicle is considered legal. In return, the small series manufacturers must document their production seamlessly and submit the documents to the NHTSA.

The SEMA Association has been fighting for such a new regulation since 2011. Now it will be interesting to see which models the small series manufacturers will use the new legal situation with.


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