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New Toyota test track in Aichin with a replica of the Nürburgring

New Toyota test track until 2023
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A ot the central “Nürburgring” part of the Shimoyama Technical Center between the cities of Toyota and Okazaki, Toyota tests the steering and brakes. In addition, driving maneuvers can be performed under extreme conditions. However, the Japanese did not recreate the entire 20.07-kilometer racetrack, but only part of it over a total of 5.3 kilometers. It represents a mountainous route with many curves and a difference in altitude of 75 meters. Currently 50 test drivers are already employed there.

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The Shimoyama Technical Center comprises three sections. The central Nürburgring section is partially open.

The company aims to increase annual sales of electrified vehicles to at least 5.5 million units by 2030. The current development facilities are no longer sufficient for this. The location in Hokkaido will be used for cold testing in the future, and a test facility in Shizuoka for the Testing of future vehicles and the new terrain for vehicles coming onto the market in the near future.


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