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New Toyota recall: 1.5 million cars affected worldwide

New Toyota million recall
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A nlass are currently problems with the braking and the Fuel system. A Toyota spokesman confirmed this on Thursday (October 21) in Cologne.

The recall mainly affects America and Japan: 740,000 cars are affected in the USA alone, and around 600,000 in Japan.

Toyota and Lexus models affected

According to him, the recalls relate to cars from the luxury brand Lexus in the GS, IS and RX series. The Toyota models Crown, Kluger, Harrier, Alphard, Majesta, MarkX, Highlander, Avalon and Reiz are also affected worldwide.

According to Toyota Germany, a total of 4,593 units of the GS, IS and RX series who are affected by the recall in Germany, suspend the braking effect in extreme cases. The reason is a possible leak on the master cylinder sleeve. Affected owners would be notified by post via the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA).

In the letter, the owners are asked to go to an authorized workshop to have the possible defect repaired. As soon as a warning light lights up in the cockpit, however, the driver should go straight to the nearest workshop, although it is then possible to brake around 2,000 times. The repair is free and, according to the spokesman, takes around two hours in the best case. In addition to problems with the brake system, 1,270 of the Lexus GS affected in Germany could also have defects with the fuel pump. There have been no accidents in connection with the voluntary recall worldwide.

Toyota had to recall more than eight million cars around the world at the beginning of the year due to sticking gas pedals and slipping floor mats, most of them in the USA. In addition, the brakes briefly failed in around half a million hybrid cars. Now it is mainly brake fluid that can leak, Toyota USA announced. Nothing is known about accidents.

The world's largest car manufacturer suffered enormous financial and image damage from its mass recalls. There was criticism, especially in the USA, and a congressional committee even summoned the Toyota boss. Horror stories of fatal accidents haunted the US media. In retrospect, however, it turned out that the vast majority of the accidents were caused by the drivers.


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