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New Toyota Avensis 2.0D-4D Combi: Fight against mediocrity

New Toyota Avensis 2.0D-4D Combi
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D he situation is tense, the market share is shrinking . Toyota recently had few arguments with the staid Avensis to convince the customers in the middle class. And so the third generation of the series has now been given a sharper face with flatter headlights, which, like the trapezoidal radiator grille, should be a harbinger of a new design language of the brand.

But to offer real purchase incentives, it required more than here a new line and there a chrome strip. The cost of the revision was 30 percent higher than usual for a facelift. The engineers paid special attention to the two-liter diesel. A new charger improves responsiveness, and an oil sump with two chambers shortens the cold start and, like the lower-friction timing chain, reduces fuel consumption.

New Toyota Avensis Combi is lighter

To a trump card in the fleet business consumption is said to have decreased by 15 percent in the EU cycle, which reduces CO2 emissions to just under 120 grams per kilometer. The engine is three kilograms lighter and the total weight has been reduced by ten kilograms, although additional noise insulation material has been installed in front of the cockpit. In fact, the background noise of the diesel is absolutely acceptable and the power delivery pleasantly smooth. Because the middle grader from Japan has so far lacked cornering dynamics, the chassis and dampers have been redesigned. But even with a slightly more direct steering and seats with a little more lateral support, the Toyota Avensis has not become a sports sedan. The Toyota Avensis has been on the market since mid-January. The basic price is 21,345 euros, a USB connection with iPod control is part of the basic equipment. The center console has a silver sheen to accentuate the previously dreary cockpit. In addition, slightly friendlier surfaces and higher quality seat covers should spice up the basic version. The medium equipment line 'Life' (from 24,550 euros) also offers automatic air conditioning, light alloy wheels and an audio system with a 6.1-inch touchscreen. The Touch and Go navigation system is available for the competitive price of 550 euros; the Avensis is the first Toyota Executive version to receive the optional interactive Touch and Go Plus version with text-to-speech function for SMS (950 euros) and free map updates forthree years. Safety elements such as adaptive cruise control or lane departure warning systems are also reserved for the top version of the Toyota Avensis (from 28,800 euros) for an extra charge, which now also offers seat covers in Alcantara leather on request.

Toyota Avensis with five engines on offer

Little has changed in the selection options in the drive section: there is a choice of two petrol and three diesels. The petrol engines are the 1.6-liter with 132 hp and the 1.8-liter with 147 hp. At least half of the customers will probably opt for the two-liter turbo diesel presented here. The top end of the flagpole in the Toyota Avensis is the 2.2-liter turbodiesel with 177 hp, which is also available in a moderate version with 155 hp. For the power transmission, a somewhat clumsy six-speed transmission, a six-speed automatic and the continuously variable multidrive transmission are available. There will be no double clutch for the time being. That was too expensive for the cost calculators.


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